Saturday, July 24, 2010

Our Adopted Alaskans...The Harris Family

Not only did we have wonderful neighbors in Alaska, but they became more then that over the NINE years we lived by them! My girls gained an extra set of grandparents, a.k.a Nana and Papa. Nana Darlene drove me to the hospital when I had Alese and Papa Lynn and Rob took care of Hannah and Mayah. Lynn came to our house dressed up as Santa one Christmas Eve! Darlene taught me how to make my first pie...the best lemon meringue! Thank you for opening your hearts and home to our family! We love you!

Nana Darlene and Papa Lynn

Hannah, Korah and Rob

Mayah and Rachael

Hannah and Isabel

Megan and Rod


Korah, Pam, Sarah, Me, Darlene and Stephanie at the Grape Tap!

Darlene, Korah, Me and Pam

Sarah, Me and Stephanie
No matter where I am God has always blessed me with great girlfriends! I appreciate each one of them so much and feel so fortunate to have been able to be with and hang with my Alaskan girls!!! Thanks so much for who you are and the friendship we share!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hannah, Lindsey and Mayah

Mayah, Mason, Alese, Emmy, Marynn and Hannah

Mayah, Hannah and Lindsey

Trevor, Alese and Hayden



Mayah's first top tooth fell out just before Alaska. A friend of hers told her that all Tooth Fairies have names and are either boys or girls. If you write to your Tooth Fairy they will respond with their name. That night Maisy, the Tooth Fairy, came to visit. Mayah also informed me that she was supposed to have received $3.00 but she only got $2.00! When she got to Alaska her friend Abby had a matching smile!
A month later, after we came back from Alaska, Mayah lost her other top one! Abby had informed her that if you leave a cup with tissue and water in it the Tooth Fairy will change the color to pink or blue to let you know if they are a girl or boy Tooth Fairy! That next morning the water and tissue was found pink and $3.00 were beside it! Luckily Mayah has so many friends who keep her up to date on all the Tooth Fairy business that one must conduct! Mayah is blessed with lots of room in between her teeth so we are crossing our fingers that braces won't be needed! Hannah at age 10 already has a $4000 smile and we are only half-way done!

Casting Cares

When Pam visited WA we saw this on a chalkboard in a small cafe in O'Conner. These words have been on my thoughts lately because too often I don't wait on the Lord and spend too much time worrying, wondering and trying to fix things! We have been blessed in so many ways since our move to Washington, but it has also been a time of struggles and many transitions. Philippians 4 has been a chapter that has helped carry me through this journey!