Friday, September 25, 2009

Steph and Me

Words cannot express how blessed I feel to have so many amazing friends. The Lord knew this first year of our move would stretch me so He made a way for me to see many of my close friends. This year started with Pam in February for a birthday bash. June brought my Harris friends to a fun filled time in Seattle. Sarah and I were able to not only connect once but twice this summer! Steph came two weeks ago and then this past week Rene and her girls were able to hang out and spend almost a week with us! My prayer is even though there are many miles that separate us we will stay close and make time for connections together in person,
over skype, and oh the amazing invention of the telephone!!!

New School Year

Hannah is only two years away from middle school and Mayah is now in the 1st grade! The girls are loving their teachers and enjoying school. I am not the type of mom who is ever ready for her kids to go back to school, even though routine is always nice. A new school year always makes me a little sad because it is a reminder of how fast my girls are growing up!

Hannah's Handy Work & Fabulous Friendships

Thanks to a wonderful gift and lessons from the Lemays Hannah knitted her first hat. It was hard to say goodbye after a fabulous week of fun, food, and lots of laughter! Our time together was another reminder of how blessed we are with good friends!