Thursday, June 18, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Thank you Harris family for making this weekend possible!
You will always be our adopted family!
Darlene, Me and Rach

Isabel, Hannah and Mayah

Isabel and Alese

Isabel and Hannah

Mayah and Nana Darlene

Rob and Tim
There is no place like home, but when you are with such good friends like the Harris family it brings you a lot closer to the place you know of as home. We had a wonderful refreshing visit with our Alaskan friends in Seattle. The memories flood back when you reconnect with close friends. For example, the dark and very snowy night where my wonderful friend and neighbor, Darlene, drove me into Anchorage to have our precious little Alese with no husband in sight. I don't know if it just the people in Alaska or just the time we were there that developed these deep friendships and family bonds, but they are missed!

Mayah's Moosical

I really don't get teared up very often, but watching my kids grow and seeing their accomplishments can choke me up. Mayah's end of the year musical was super cute. The teachers did a wonderful job and of course I was a little bias to Mayah's musical debut!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

New Year

Birthdays have always been another time of reflection and celebration for me. This year we both turned 34! This past year for Jason and our family has brought a new job, new home in a new state, and many blessings of health, love and laughter. Even after 12 years of birthday celebrations with my hubby, I still can't figure out why in the world he would choose pie over something covered in chocolate! Happy Birthday Babe!

Softball Season

Hannah has loved her first year of softball. She has a good eye
and has really improved throughout the season.