Monday, April 27, 2009

Family and Friends

All FIVE of my siblings were able to be together in San Diego for my brother's wedding. There is a strong bond between each one of us. Through the highs and the lows there is a safety net among us. Whenever we get several of us together there are always tears, that is tears of laughter. I don't know what it is about siblings, but when we get together something will happen and the next thing you know we are laughing so hard we end up with sore faces, bellies, and tears streaming down our faces. You know the kind of laugh that is almost silent because you are in so much agony from such a great laugh! Thank you Brent, Jason, Marnie, Kirt, and Kylie for always being there. Thank you for not only being my family, but also my friend.


Call me bias, but you will probably have to agree that my family makes some super cute kiddos. It was wonderful to see Kael in San Diego. He is now six months old and is such a sweet and good little guy. He is already scooting and Kirt and Carolyn are constantly on the move. He was a real trooper in San Diego. It was a fabulous surprise that they were all able to be there. I cherish those little moments with those little fingers and toes!

Announcing Jason and Sarah Western

I was so blessed to attend my brother's wedding in San Diego. Sarah and her two boys, Nathan and Alex, are huge blessings to our family. They are all a welcome addition. It is so wonderful to feel and see the love this family shares and how honored my brother, Jason, is to have them in his life.

Mayah's New Smile

Mayah lost her first tooth on Saturday at Hannah's soccer game. The Tooth Fairy always gives a nice price for the first tooth. Mayah is planning on spending her five dollars shopping at the dollar store. She is working on another wiggly one, gotta love those toothless grins!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Soccer

Leaving Alaska I had this vision of watching my kids play soccer in serious heat with the sun beating down on me. I have since learned that spring soccer looks a lot like Alaska soccer...unpredictable. The first week of practice was canceled due to snow. The next week the temp reached close to seventy. Then last Saturday at their first game we (Alese and I) mostly sat in the car because I was very unprepared. It poored and was in the high 30's, people were covered in blankets, hats and gloves. Oh, the greatest rain/cold coverage that really made me feel at home was the other team across the field sitting under a BLUE TARP!!!


So thankful for sisters.


Oh, the places she will go. This picture is one that tugs at my heart. She is growing so fast. When she walks she has this little teenager stride with a little hip action with attitude. I am holding on to each moment just a little longer with her and trying to remember to slow down with all three girls knowing that these moments pass way too quickly.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


There are only a few forwards or tags that I actually take time to do usually due to a lack of time or I become technology impaired and can’t figure out how to copy and paste correctly. Mayah’s teacher, Stephanie, tagged me and I couldn’t help but follow through. You know there is something in a name… I have been so blessed with many great friends and people in my life and Stephanie is one of those names. In high school I had a best friend named Steph and she helped me through many tough, hormonal, boy crazy high school days and recently through facebook we have been able to reconnect. Another Steph in my life touched me and continues to touch me in so many ways. My Wasilla Steph is a forever friend, she is a sister through Christ, and she is one who can lift me up even on my darkest day. New Cheney Stephanie is a blessing to our family for our little sweet Mayah, who is struggling at adjusting to a new school, but thankfully Stephanie is invested in her as her Kindergarten teacher. Also, she has been a blessing to talk to when I volunteer each week (I am sure I am keeping her from the endless tasks a teacher has to do) and for an occasional run at the rec center. There is something in a name and this is actually a fun tag. Thanks Stephanie for thinking of me.

5 things I was doing 5 years ago

*Mayah was ONE and I was chasing her and Hannah on the beach in Florida
*Met my Wasilla Steph at MOPS
*Running and trying to get off the baby #2 weight
*First year we coached Hannah’s soccer team (biggest challenge was to keep 4 year olds from collecting feathers during the game)
*Trying to have monthly scrapbooking nights, girls nights, and Bunco nights with the girls

5 things on my to do list for today (It is 11p.m. so thinking about tomorrow)

*Catch up on my shows (Biggest Loser and American Idol)
*Go for a long run (road trips can be hazardous)
*Have a highlight/trim appointment
*Watch my niece Kyra
*Eating my hubby’s yummy chocolate covered strawberries (after my run of course)

5 things I would do with a million dollars

*Lots of traveling…a trip with Jas, then a trip with each Hannah and Mayah, then a trip with the family, lastly a trip with the girls
*Buy property and build a new home (we miss our Alaskan home)
*Eliminate ALL debt
*Hire a personal shopper to dress me fabulous
*Help needy children, I just want to love on them (we watched Slumdog Millionaire last night and it broke my heart, but was an awesome touching movie)

5/6 places I have lived

*Anchorage, AK
*Orem, UT
*Logan, UT
*Cleveland, TN
*Wasilla, AK
*Cheney, WA

5 jobs I have held

Commercial Fishing
Aloha Sun… tanning salon
Law Office
Geico Insurance
Middle School Math/Science Teacher

5 things I want to be doing in 5 years

*Running half-marathons with greater speed/endurance
*Truly be a part of a new community, even though AK is difficult competition
*Be a cheerleader for three amazing girls
*Settled in our newly built home with my hubby and girls
*Having more happily ever after moments with Jas

5 people I am tagging